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Workouts live & on demand classes 

Body conditioning

Aimed for that strong and toned physique these classes use resistance training and aerobic moves to work on your strength and muscular endurance.

Dance Fit Fresh Gym

Dance fit

A unique dance class mixing the steps of Ballroom and up-tempo Latin. It’s fun, energetic and it’s for everyone. No dance exerperience required!

Freestyle Circuits


Enjoy the variation of these 45 minute mystery circuit-style classes to keep you on your toes each week! What’s your freestyle move?

Body Tone Fresh Gym

Body Tone

30 minute blast to get the whole body moving.


Designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of exercises with different formats – aiming to keep you working hard and staying motivated.


Work that core! Improve posture and general well being. Increasing strength, flexibility and control of the body helping relieve back and neck pain.


A variation of flows combining physical exercises, mental meditation, and breathing techniques to strengthen and lengthen the muscles and relieve stress.

Body Blast

Body Blast

Blast that body into shape with these high energy workouts. It will tone those legs, abs and arms whilst burning calories.



Get lean, toned and fit in these workouts which focus on the whole body. You’ll love the exercises and burn plenty of calories in the process.


Boxing fit

Box your way to fitness with this high-energy all over body circuit.


Low Impact Walking Workout

Join Ellie for a 30 minute low-impact walking workout suitable for all abilities.

Fresh air Circuits


Get fit fast with HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training). Improve your cardio, increase speed and maximise calorie burn.

Spinning at Fresh


Endorphin-releasing cardio workouts on the bike. Suitable for all levels to get your heart rate up and burn some serious calories.


Hot latino dance steps. Come and join the party!

Fresh Air Outdoor Training

Fresh Air Circuits/Bootcamp

Interval classes that combines various exercises with intense cardio. Challenge your mind and challenge your body. Sweat and feel your body blast into shape.

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